“Franklin Classical School tops the nine schools attended by our five children over two decades. Beyond the academic enrichment in a nurturing environment, we have enjoyed its rich culture and have cultivated deep friendships here. We are ever thankful for praying hands that daily work to grow hearts and minds toward the Son.”   Sherri Chapman

“After teaching at FCS my first year, I knew this was the environment for our children. It didn’t take long to realize FCS wasn’t just another Christian school.  There was a culture of ownership of the faith.   Chivalry, discipleship, honor, and learning to think on your own were just a few foundational principles that drew us here.”  Jason and Michelle Cruise

“After attending Franklin Classical’s Open House, I knew immediately this school would be a perfect fit for my incoming sophomore  son. The classical curriculum at FCS is challenging, thought provoking, and relevant in the times in which we live. Dr. Grant’s passion of educating, teaching, and training the next generation of students to think critically is a remarkable and noble pursuit. Franklin Classical’s dedication and devotion to Jesus Christ and the Bible is clearly evident both in and out of the classroom. Teacher’s like Coach Carson and Mrs. Mahand truly invest themselves into their students both academically and athletically.  I will always remember Coach Coghlan and Coach Stroop’s weekly football dinners which helped to foster team camaraderie and godly fellowship amongst the players. Franklin Classical School is a true gem. The classical education and athletic experiences my son has been part of has simply been – priceless.”   Teresa Pace

“FCS is an expression of God’s love to our family. Our children are taught to learn as an act of worship and to build a worldview in which God’s plan is big enough to encompass all that they experience. We’re so grateful for a school where our children are loved and challenged to live lives worthy of the Gospel of Jesus.” Caleb and Amy Phillips

“Having experienced 2 years of public high school in another state, we moved here in time for our son’s junior year. FCS has been a blessing! We did not have to give up competitive athletics for him to get a high-quality of education! There is a one-on-one approach to instruction in a private school environment that is so much more affordable than almost every other school we found in the area. We are thrilled that Lance is being taught with an emphasis on leadership and critical thinking based upon a Christian worldview. He has friends we don’t have to worry about and teachers he respects and considers close friends as well. It is fulfilling as a parent to see your son maturing in a healthy educational environment. THANK YOU!”   Kelly Tutt

“FCS has been a great blessing to me and is a truly wonderful school. The faculty at FCS are so gracious and loving, caring for each individual on a personal level. FCS also teaches the importance of history and applying a Christian worldview to that history with a rigorous Humanities course. FCS has prepared me to go into a college setting and achieve excellence by training me to build a strong work ethic, but more importantly, FCS has prepared me to fight my own sinful nature, and to go out into the world and follow God’s specific plan for my life. My favorite part of FCS has to be my class. I love every single one of my classmates and every school day is joyous just because I get to spend time with them.” Joshua Pace