Mission & Vision

The mission of Franklin Classical School is to provide a biblically-based education that is both academically excellent and spiritually vital to enable young men and women to know and serve the Lord Jesus Christ and to transform families, institutions, and nations for the glory of God.

The three-fold vision of Franklin Classical is to:
1. Raise up the next generation of Christian cultural and spiritual leaders;
2. Model a biblical pattern of discipleship through parent-directed, covenantal, and classical education;
3. Lay foundations for economic and social justice, artistic excellence, intellectual achievement, worldview discernment, physical health, and evangelistic passion so that each student may ultimately attain their high calling and realize their destiny. Therefore the curriculum is both college preparatory and missions preparatory; it is both academically accelerated and socially responsive; it is both community oriented and globally minded.

FCS offers a full curriculum for grades K-12. Our college preparatory curriculum allows students to graduate with all necessary state credits, yet the school is still structured so that parents may choose to homeschool for select subjects. Fine Arts and Athletic curricula have been exciting areas of growth for FCS in recent years. Our repertoire of drama and musical productions includes not only classics but also exemplary works written and produced by FCS students and faculty. Our sports roster includes Soccer, Volleyball, Baseball, Football, Golf, Cross-Country, Archery, Tennis, and Basketball.

FCS has been a member in good standing of the Association of Christian Schools International since 1996 and Association of Classical Christian Schools since 2004. FCS is established as a 501-C3 non-profit organization with the Internal Revenue Service.