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The Vision of FCS Grammar School


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Humanities, Integration and Community Around God’s Beauty, Goodness, and Truth:

Humanities is the core of learning at Franklin Classical School because it is God’s Story. Our goal is to integrate our entire curriculum with “His story” at the center, observing everywhere the objective standard of God’s Beauty, Goodness and Truth.

Our approach to history and geography is as a grand adventure, like opening a storybook. Young children have the ability to imagine and to shift in place and time. Just as children can jump right in to a storybook or a great Bible story, so we open the pages of history and tell the grand story of God’s work among men. Though we discuss, visualize, and “play with” chronology, at this young age we are more focused on the principles and promises and ways of the Lord. We desire to proclaim that Sovereign God has a great story that has been and is still unfolding. We seek to set a solid foundation of real beauty, goodness, and truth. We work to demonstrate that people, places, and events fit into God’s grand adventure – including ourselves.

Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch, in his “A Lecture on Lectures,” describes this approach to teaching as creating a sense of community, a sense of everyone being on an epic adventure together. That is what we seek to build in our grammar school–a sense of community in a common purpose. Not only do we want to develop FCS community, but also a sense of us walking together in community in this grand adventure of God’s story.

Welcome to our grand adventure!